28.02.2022 The TR21GT makes its debut in Croatia

2022. March 07.

A Croatian electricity company bought a TR21GT tracked aerial work platform from us through one of the largest leasing companies in Europe, Riwal in Zagreb. Learn more...

03.15.2021. The new TM16GT trailer lift

2021. April 13.

16 became the new 15 Learn more...

1/27/2021 The Netherlands - Petten Nuclear reactor TR15GT

2021. January 27.

The experimental reactor in Petten purchased the Europelift TR15GT tracked lift for maintenance jobs. The reactor is operated with low enriched uranium (not suitable for military use). The 45 MW high-neutron flux reactor, owned by the European Commission, supplies 60% of the medical (radio) isotope needs of European hospitals. Learn more...

1/19/2021 Slovenia TM15GT handover at the HE Formis hydropower plant.

2021. January 19.

The power plant in Formis, Slovenia, is operated by the DEM 8 plant in Maribor, which supplies 1/4 of Slovenia's electricity. an old trailer-mounted basket lift was replaced with a TM15GT with an automatic-footed GRP fiberglass resin basket. Learn more...

12/20/2020 domestic machine deliveries in December

2020. December 20.

At the end of a difficult but successful year, we had a 4x domestic trailer basket lift handover: Energia Kazánjavító Kft. - Algyő TM15TJ, Fémtiszta Kft. TM18GT Kecskemét, Gobal Kertransz Kft. TM18GT Felsőzsolca, and last but not least Windoor Design Kft. Learn more...

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