10/29/2020 8pcs trailer lifts for Rothlehner-Slovakia

2020. October 30.

Rothlehner-Slovakia, based in Nitra, has ordered a total of 8 trailer-mounted aerial platforms for various rental and end-user companies. The power source of the machines is mostly dual 230V & Honda, resp. base 230V. More and more customers are ordering machines with 230V, 230V & Honda, or 230V & Honda generators, due to the reliable and stable Honda drive instead of the battery drive. Learn more...

30/08/2020 TM18GT-s in custom color

2020. August 30.

In recent weeks, we have shipped several different colored TM18GTs. Of course for us the red RAL3002 is the most beautiful color in the world :), but it is always very special to see our products in other colors as well. Learn more...

7/29/2020 Introducing the ALL new Europelift TM15TJ telescopic basket lift

2020. July 29.

The new TM15TJ is the latest member of our trailer family. The TM15TJ is a straight telescopic with flyjib boom construction and has inherited all the novelties of recent years, making it an extremely modern piece of equipment. Telescopic and moving basket telescopic boom. Moment limiter for optimal reach, unique flyjib, platform rotator, modern outrigger system, etc ... Learn more...


2020. July 16.

It turned out that the machines to be delivered were gathered during our production, so we had the opportunity to take open group pictures of our most successful models. In order: TM13G, TM13T, TM18GT, TR15GT, and the new brand new type of telescopic tralier lift with flyjib the TM15TJ. Learn more...

15.06.2020. The TM18GT has new support legs with angle for a better stand on uneven terrain

2020. June 30.

The new outriggers makes the chassis stand out better and prevents obstacles near the outrigger plate, e.g. Benches, smaller stones, bricks fit better. Learn more...

30.03.2020. NEW control system for the

2020. March 30.

With the new TR18GT rubber crawler lift, our company has reached the level, so it was definitely necessary to further develop control systems. Digital control marks the beginning of a new era for our company, where we provide more complex machines with intelligent control that satisfies customer needs to the maximum. Eg speed control in the final positions of the arms, speeds that can be adjusted to the customer, "auto home" function, etc. WIFI remote access for the service, so that the machine malfunctions, can be checked remotely, so professionals can arrive at the customer in case of an error. This can significantly reduce the cost of repairing the machine because you only have to travel to the machine once. Learn more...

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