Products - TR21GT crawler lift

With the TR21GT, all work can be done, which primarily requires a machine with a working height of 20m. The design and control include all the functions that provide fast and optimal access to the work area at height. All movement operations can be controlled from the basket, several movements can be operated at the same time, the speed has an intelligent state-of-the-art control system faster, it optimally regulates the hydraulic system to give the operator maximum comfort.

- 20.8m working height

- 18.8m platform height

- 10.8m outreach

- 8m up & over clearance

- 220kg max platform capacity

- 0,79m width

- 1,99m transport height

- 230V & Honda power source

- intelligent digital control system

- auto level chassis

- adjustable tracks in width and height

- Cable remote controls for the tracks and outriggers

- Built in WIFI connection for worldwide service support